Developing Energy for America's Future

President McCarthy is making America the world leader in energy policy measures aimed at halting climate change. She is working to ensure  America can be assured sustainable, plentiful power not only today, but that future generations of Americans will not have to worry that their energy choices will detrimentally affect the environment. What’s more, the path to this sustainable future will stimulate the economy and create a boom in clean tech, bringing jobs, manufacturing and energy independence to a bold and bright American future.

Secretary Pollock

Secretary of Energy, Kristin Pollock



Focusing on clean power

The administration’s main energy initiatives will focus on subsidizing clean energy technology. This means investing in new technology companies as well as encouraging our current coal and oil producers to switch to investing in our future by moving towards wind, solar and electric grid, and vehicle production. Individual citizens will be given incentives to install solar and wind on their own homes and lands, moving the energy production–wealth from the hands of few into the hands of many. Research into power efficiency and new technologies such as fusion will be given top priority in the administration, stimulating growth with increased academic funding to R&D.


With clean power comes clean responsibility

Hand-in-hand with this equitable distribution of energy production is the equitable distribution of its risk. No one community should unfairly face the perils of polluted water and air due to energy production and transportation. In order to enable this, President McCarthy will put a moratorium on all new pipelines and new offshore oil rig development. In addition, we will enact environmental cleanup efforts to reverse the damage done to pollution-afflicted areas, preserving our unique natural habitats and ecology, enabling future generations to enjoy the wonders of America’s natural landscape. Companies that have benefited from previous policies of complacency in the realm of environmental regulation will be held accountable, and acknowledgement of the true cost of manufacturing will allow companies with sustainable practices to thrive in this new Sustainability Economy.


Leading the world in combatting climate change

Climate change is the single most pressing threat to the health and prosperity of all nations, and the United States aims to be the the leader in policies which will halt and reverse the human-caused effects of the release of CO2 in the atmosphere. This means partnering with other nations to develop legally binding pacts which will reduce world-wide emissions. In addition to reducing the burden on the environment, these strong partnerships will allow America to continue our policy of nuclear non-proliferation and drive the reduction of worldwide nuclear arsenals. The actions of Americans affect all world citizens; our administration will lead the world in peace and prosperity with a focus on sustainability and goodwill.