The Final Frontier

The challenges we face as a planet and as a species demand bold vision and an ambitious plan. Within the next decade, President McCarthy is committed to sending Americans where no one has gone before, towards the goal of advancing space technology to address these challenges. The US government will play a central role in leading and sustaining the space renaissance.


NASA Administrator, Giselle Cheung




Space is the place

President McCarthy has defined a vision for the future of US involvement in space exploration and settlement. “Human spaceflight and space settlement are core to the long-term preservation of human consciousness, and to humankind’s everlasting thirst for knowledge,” the President wrote. To this end, she is challenging the nation, its commercial space industry, and NASA to:

  • By 2030: send humans to Mars and return them safely to Earth.

  • By 2040: send humans to permanently settle Mars.

To achieve these goals, the President has prioritized NASA initiatives that focus on deep space exploration, as well as initiatives that support the growth of the country’s commercial space industry.