Promoting health for all Americans

Because disease knows no borders, and contagion does not discriminate, our social wellness depends on a system of care that can be accessed by all. When it comes to our health, we are all in this together.

Secretary Morrison

Secretary of Health & Human Services, Tim Morrison



Preserving and Strengthening our Regulations

To ensure we can all access the care we need, the Department of Health & Human Services is committed to maintaining a robust system of regulations that protect you. Through our regulatory leverage, we will ensure your medicine is safe and effective, we will test the environmental hazards in your community, and we will monitor clinical research to ensure it is conducted ethically and for the benefit of all of our diverse communities. Regulations protect our health consumers, and we will implement them doggedly to ensure your care is accessible and safe.  


Advancing Equity in the Sciences

The biomedical threats of the 21st century are vast, and we will work with Congress to advance an ambitious, $100 billion plan to provide new pathways to science from every inner-city community to our top research institutions. When we nurture all of our best minds, the potentials for innovation and social progress are limitless.