President McCarthy and National Park Service announce “National Parks 2050” campaign, feat. artist Hannah Rothstein

The National Park Service has launched a bold new poster series showing what our national parks will look like in 2050 if we fail to act against climate change. Drawing upon the classic National Parks posters, this new series by artist Hannah Rothstein shows how climate change will affect seven of America’s most beloved landscapes. In doing so, it makes climate change feel close to home and hard to ignore.

National Parks 2050

“Climate change doesn’t recognize national borders, or party affiliation,” President McCarthy said at a press conference. “My administration has pledged to lead the world in combating climate change. Rothstein’s posters show us that climate change is a global problem with local consequences: We’re all sharing this planet, and we need to act now to preserve and protect the gorgeous national parks and natural resources that are an inter-generational resource.”

Artist Rothstein said she hopes this series “inspires everyone, from everyday citizens to policy makers, to acknowledge the issues ahead, admit that climate stewardship is a non-partisan issue, and work together to find the solutions … we’re capable of creating.”

Visit Rothstein’s website to view more posters and support the work. A portion of all print and painting proceeds will be donated to climate-related causes.