President McCarthy’s First 100 Days

My administration has been busy. In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of some of the policies we’ve moved forward in my first 100 days:

giphy (3).gif

I signed Executive Orders to permanently halt work on both the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.
I signed additional orders to expand immigration and double the number of refugees we’re accepting annually.*
With support from my Cabinet:
I’ve published a Department of Justice platform focused on eliminating racial bias in law enforcement and the federal justice system, reforming the criminal justice system to protect all people, and protecting civil rights.
Our Department of Energy is committed making America the world leader in energy policy measures aimed at halting climate change.
The Department of the Interior is advancing a land-first approach to the Interior — meaning that our ability to positively impact the well-being of our planet will in turn positively impact every citizen in every community of our country. 
The Department of Health & Human Services is working to protect consumers and advance equity in the sciences.
The Department of Defense is dedicated to promoting peace at home and abroad, because hearts and minds are easier to win when intact.
That’s not all: We’re going to Mars. (But not in 7 years; where did that rumor come from?) NASA is prioritizing initiatives that focus on deep space exploration, as well as initiatives that support the growth of the country’s commercial space industry.
Meanwhile down on earth, radical librarians are going to save the world; just check out the work being done by my Library of Congress.
*There was an attempt to challenge this in court, but my Executive Order wasupheld by a federal judge in Hawaii.

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